Came Through Drippin’… In That Bedroom!!

AYYYEEEE!!! Well, moment of truth--  yeah that sounds nice and all but that “drip” in the bedroom has had its fair share of dryness.. of desert like proportions. Like parched, dehydrated, arid.. you get what I’m trying to say. But I’m not referring to the actual act of “getting it in” because once the ball gets-ta rollin’, it’s like straight flood gates, cup overfloweth,  [insert all antonyms of the aforementioned “dry”]... drip drip! 

SIDEBAR- Y’all know I had to put that in there because if hubby reads this blog, I don’t want him to get it twisted like he’s not handling his business business!

It’s me. I will admit that… now. Sometimes a bish is just TIYAAD! And not no regular ol’ tired but like all the way BEAT. So the thought of any kind of interaction was just a daunting task. Even more so, the idea of being touched, reciprocating, being penetrated-- all that was like a “No thanks I’ll pass!”.  Then I really started to think that something was wrong with me physically and took to Google, WebMD and my local health food store. Like, FIX ME and my vagina! There had to be a logical explanation for why I just wasn’t in the mood because it definitely wasn’t my fine ass perfection of a man at home. 

A good friend of mine, who is very much into all natural cures and healing methods, who I confided in about my absentee libido looked at me and was like, “Remember you had babies back to back and your hormones are probably all over the place still.” I mean… I was aware of this potentially raining of my parade every now and again but I was like, “ Sis! I just need to make it rain on my man. PERIODT!”.  

It’s sometimes virtually impossible, in my mind at least, to get everything done in one day. I really aim to maintain a balance day-in and day-out with the boys, my husband, work life and everything else in between. But alas, sometimes the scales tip and I’m left a tired ass mess at the end of the day. I’ve learned that some things will just have to wait. But my mistake-- expecting my husband to always understand and take the back seat. No fair. AND it’s not fair when I’m airing out a little booty cuff action under his favorite old college tee and expecting him not to give me “dem eyes”. 

No more! So, I decided that I need to prioritize and map out time for that “drip”. More importantly, “Kay & Dee” time because everything happens so organically when we just allow ourselves to fall into each other, all senses wide open. We’ve also realized that sometimes that displaced “sexual frustration” is not even “sexual” at all sometimes. It’s an out cry  for simple affection and intimacy. Like on some, “When’s the last time we’ve had a few minutes to hug, or kiss, or just… be?”. Now that the kids are a little older, I’m not longer nursing my baby boy and we have family support, Devale’s “Kay Kay” is carving out some “us” time. 

So this weekend… we are spending a night in the city that never sleep (because we never take to time to love up on our own fabulous NYC), enjoying each other and whatever happens… happens. Maybe we’ll get some sleep, maybe we won’t. Keep you posted…

With Love,


Kick it with me! Ever feel defeated in the bedroom? Share some tips, tricks, dance routines and send that love making juju my way!

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