Momming with 3 Whole Boys- Can This Be A Forever Thing?!

Like “Forever, ever! Forever, EVER” (In my best Kanye voice).  I jokingly (but I’m dead serious) tell hubby all the time that I will need my own wing in our house-- like a safe space to exist as the only lady in the house. I’m talking blush and gold decor with bling dripping ALL over! Like, give me all the things girly, feminine, lady-like within those four walls. HERE. FOR. IT! Then I think to myself-- who am I fooling?! I legit LOVE being around my Jackson, Kairo and Kaz. Like all the time. Even if that means I will have an occasional mild concussion from a football being tossed at my head or pee on the toilet seat-- such is life!


So in the meantime, I will say I’m lavishing in the spoils of being the only lady in mi casa. I get all the love and all the feels all day everyday from my boys. And I have to say that I’ve learned to really be present in and to soak up those moments. You know, the moments when I walk into the front door and I hear those little Kairo feet running to greet me with hugs and juicy kisses. Or the times Jackson will take to admire me when I manage to slap on a little makeup and say “Mommy you look so nice!” (*Melts*). And when baby boy Kaz wants to lay nestled up in my bosom and cuddle. These moments are the ones I wish I could bottle up for safekeeping and take a swig of every now and again in the future. 

My biggest fear-- when my boys are all grown up and leave me for their future spouse or significant other. I feel like I will be losing my boys, my babies... my life. The last time I expressed this to Devale, he looked at me with the “so I’m just chopped liver” look in this eyes. Haha! I’m like it’s all good baby-- we will be traveling the world enjoying each other but how will I be able to hold on to my boys? Though the notion of it all gives me a mild case of agita, I’ve come up with this solution in the meantime. Live in each moment, connect with each child as an individual as much as possible and make sure they all know how much greater of a person I am because of them. 

After all, who would I be without J-K-K? I’ll never know.

With Love,


Kick it with Kay! Do you ever think about the day your babies will “leave the nest”? How does that make you feel? Are you existing presently in your interactions with your kids on a daily basis?